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None of The Constitutions

None of The Constitutions actually count anymore. Whether it be the individual State Constitutions or the U.S. Constitution, they have been usurped for such a long time that they are no longer valid; so, it doesn't really matter what it or they acknowledged.

Laws cannot be made where everybody was considered, because some people would want laws to 'protect' them -provide securtiy- while other people would want laws which protected their 'rights' and as a society -for lack a better word- expands and ages, 'security' will always trump 'rights.' This has been shown throughout history to be acurate, and there is no reason to believe otherwise. People become lazy and unwilling to do the things necessary to maintain their freedom, because they have plenty of distractions to keep them occupied, as to not even know that they lost something -their rights.

Also, in keeping on the subject of Laws; laws only protect the law breakers, laws do not and cannot protect the innocent. The reason this is, is because to protect the innocent would require prevention of a crime; while protecting the law breaker is to prevent the victims from seeking vengence, by placing the law breaker in protective custody i.e. jail. This is why I do not believe in laws at all. However, I do believe in consequences. If one robs somebody, then there may be negative consequences, such as the robber getting killed by the victim. I do not think this is wrong.

I do believe there may be negative consequence to the actions of FSP which may greatly -in a negative fashion- impact all of us who seek liberty.