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Sorry, sir, for a bit of friendly banter with the individual who posted this video (reference to his pseudonym).

I suppose that sometimes my mind takes me in a direction other than the relentless evangelism from from which I, apparently, must never stray. In this instance, it was my desire to engage a forum member on a common interest newly discovered (music, presuming that his tag is, in fact, a reference to the AIC song of the same name) rather than sticking to the not so shocking revelation that we have a similar moral and political philosophy.

In case you haven't noticed, most members of this community agree on the basic premise of social interactions governed at the individual level by the non-aggression principle along with personal liberty and responsibility. Sometimes, it can be healthy to debate more mundane topics such as the arts, since it gives discerning minds prone to self-fashioned opinions and discussion thereof a chance to do something other than all sing from the same hymnal.

Of course, I happily accept your somewhat disparaging comment given that this is an open forum. Thanks for your input.

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