Comment: The upside to these "epiphanies"

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The upside to these "epiphanies"

The professional liars use just enough truth to keep viewers tuning in for their programming, where they are fed all the lies. If they have to go this far to sucker in zombies, how well is the zombie programming REALLY going?
I'll tell you what makes me nervous these days, what is up with this "Citadel?" I have had this creepy feeling that Idaho might be where they try to start the "civil war" for many years. I don't know anyone involved with this, and I know or know of many of the liberty lovers in this state. While America dithers about Sandy Hook, Idaho remembers Ruby Ridge. I am afraid this may be an infiltration, and feel at the least it WILL be infiltrated. I hope these folks are really who they say they are, and REALLY on the lookout.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.