Comment: Obama is Winnning

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Obama is Winnning

Mark Levin is doing exactly what the President wants. Obama wants foes to exhibit outrage and then feel better after losing. This started with health care and there is no more outrage today. It will occur with guns. And the final takeover of America.

In terms of impeachment, the Republican Congress might pass it, but the Democrat Senate will not convict. It would strengthen Obama because, after he wins, he would say that he could do anything that he wants more than ever. He would say that he was absolved and the decision was made by representatives that were duly elected by Americans.

The fact is that the voting majority does not care about the Constitution. If they did, they would not have allowed Obama to be re-elected. They would not have allowed Romney to win the nomination. Third parties would have gotten a higher percentage of votes. They would not have elected a Senate that never heard of the Constitution. This is a basic problem with human nature - short term gains at the expense of long term investment.

Of course, we need to keep the debate open and engage. But the battle against socialism does not look promising.

Gene Louis
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