Comment: This whole thing frustrates

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This whole thing frustrates

This whole thing frustrates me so much. But what frustrates me the most is when poeple try to use logic (people, media, congress, president - even the god for saken Supreme Court said it)that all of this is justified because the poeple voted these poeple in.

Except -as we all know here on the DP and it is unreputable. THEY CHEATED THE ELECTION!! This group of politicians is not (necessarily) who the people voted for. This fraud did not start and stop with RP. it goes all the way to the top and to the end of the race. RP was cheated out of the nomination. No doubt. but Romney was cheated out of the election (unless he was placed there on purpose for Obama to win - which may very well be). We all knew that the winner of the presidency wasn't going to be who got more votes from the people. It was going to be who had more cheating power.

So please please please stop saying that this is all justified in the end because it is who the poeple voted for and so they are getting what is coming to them. No one is getting what is coming to them, because the the majority of the poeple didn't ask for this. Romney knew he wouldn't get the nomination on his own, he had to cheat to know for sure he would get it. And Obama knew for sure he would not get election by the majority of the people after his 1st 4 years, so he cheated the election too.