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His agenda does

You can't take down a Nation like ours and steer it towards NWO without causing divisiveness.. It's a win win for him.. He splits the country, causes possible physical resistance, declares martial law to deal with the "terrorists", which in this soft-bellied conditioned society, pushes more towards his side.. the signs of this are elsewhere as well.

He has hardened up his control over communications, food, transportation and a myriad of other necessities needed to control a population.

There are calls for him to be a dictator everywhere and they've introduced bills that would allow him to stay in power "legally" for the average joe's ignorant consumption.

They've gotten rid of "Posse comitatus".

They've destroyed America's economy, I think, intentionally and if you factor in, everything else I've said and haven't mentioned, the chances that I'm right go up exponentially.

Now, they want to ban guns by illegal means and pass it off as legal.

Seriously, you know it goes on and on, I'm sure.

So what do we do here with no guns? Do we go the route of other Nations that have been subjected for decades to tyrannical rule in peaceful resistance while they pick us off, one by one? While they chase us down through service providers? While they smear us in the news?

Anyone that doesn't see what's coming is sad.

Three things available in my eyes as options..

1: Congress stands up to impeach him and stop this.

2: The military and police around the Nation refuse to follow his actions.

3: Resistance in a physical form by the average joe.

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