Comment: Rod Class has a good working knowledge

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Rod Class has a good working knowledge

of the whole "Private Attorney General" concept. He's on the cutting edge of that. Since I'm not versed in the PAG aspect I can't speak to it at any length.

The title 42 suit is the standard option for the layman looking to bring rights violators to justice. The secret of success here is not to get into oral arguments in court. Do your homework - file your complaint as a plaintiff... and then keep your mouth shut in court other than to say "I object" and "It is not my wish" as well as the occasional "Is that your testimony, your honor?"

There's a few other simple statements that can keep these guys in line but hopefully you get the basic point: Say NOTHING that you haven't written down on a card and MEMORIZED in court.

The stuff I'm involved in is pretty advanced... in order to hopefully simplify getting justice for the rest of us.

My own brand of research is on simplifying this entire process to the bare nuts and bolts. I.E. There are no laws but NATURAL LAW and the general opinions of each of us on how things should be done. If you feel you have been injured by someone bring your opinion to the court which becomes "The Law of the case." It is helpful to reference a few generally excepted precedents which back up what your "Law" is about.

Then you are SUPPOSED to just have to convince 12 jurors unanimously that your law is just. The judge is SUPPOSED to be just a referee. This is the reason for the witness program. If the eyes of the people were watching this guy and knew how to pull him off the bench if he gets out of line (Hint: It only takes two witness statements signed under the penalty of perjury) then it would only take toppling a few judges before they start learning that they can no longer (as public servants) push the MASTERS (the people) around.