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I present for your reference

An American. Please observe. Requirements for being an American:

1) Bravery
2) Know your rights
3) Be able to stand defend your rights in court without a BAR nanny.
4) Have read thoroughly and comprehend your government owner's manual. Do I really need to tell you what that is?
4) Freedom (in that order)

If do not have or refuse to develop the above requirements you are ONLY a "US citizen," not an American. You are a PLANTATION SLAVE. If you are a "US citizen" you have NO rights. PERIOD.

I'm all out of sugar coating. For those still addicted to the sugar coating please research sugar and how it's really bad for your health.

Ignore voting on any of these posts. Give it the same validity that voting has in the DEMON ocracy. How's that public opinion poling working out for you so far? How much faith do you have in "mob rule" now?