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It is simple

The power to lie is power. The power to steal is power. The power to murder and torture and destroy and war is power.

The power to use power to make power abundant is power.

What happens if power of the productive kind is abundant?

Criminals are relatively less powerful than their victims when productive power is abundant because the victims are as powerful as the criminals.

This is abundantly clear in the case of the false front false advertizement, response conditioning, behavioral modification, that goes by the false name "Gun Control".

Look at the second amendment words in ENGLISH.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

It does not say guns.

Bearing Arms as in arming the people is a POWER that arms the TARGETS which makes crime not pay so good especially when the criminals take over government.

I have invented a Litmus Test you can use on any person any member of the GROUP called The People.

Test this on your family.

Test this on yourself (look in the mirror).

Test this on a neighbor.

Test anyone asking you for a job such as a politician begging for you to hire them.


The test goes like this:

Take out your phone and ask anyone if this phone were not just a phone in the near future. Instead of a phone in the near future this phone was available for purchase for anyone who could afford one, anyone who could bear the cost of one, and in the near future this phone, right here, was as cheap in cost as this phone right here, and this phone, right here, soon to be available on-line, at Wal-Mart, at the local Gas Station, at the local Liqueur Store, this phone, soon to be available, is as available and as cheap as State Lottery Tickets, for anyone to bear the cost of having and using.

This phone right here, you say, to yourself, or to test someone else, calls other people just like this phone does, and this phone can take video recording just like this phone does, and this phone can do more than just those things, more than a number of applications already existing, more than that, this phone has a special new feature to it.

If you are in a crowded theater, or you are a child at school, or you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and someone very bad will, or is, injuring innocent people, then you take out this phone and use the emergency mode, and you film the attack in progress, and then that film is connected to the internet on a live stream, and the government workers that you employ with your earnings are clued in on the crime in progress instantly.

Is that it Joe?

Phones already have that now, more or less.

No, the test is not yet unveiled to you, and if you have not guessed it, then you may be in for a self-test, and please be honest when the test hits you between the ears and eyes.

The new phone, right here, you say, arms the potential user with a new method of immobilizing, as in putting the target to sleep, for one hours time only, and then the target is back in action as before being put to sleep without any risk or side affect other than taking a 1 hour time out.


You can't make the people bear such arms can you?

It isn't in you to let those evil people bear such arms can you?

Why, why, if, if, if, if those, you know those, those, miscreants, those little devils, those outlaws, those, those bad guys, if they had that weapon of mass destruction, why, why, why, they would abuse such POWER!

So, there needs to be strict, and very strict control of such POWER, certainly, most certainly, there has to be a law, there must be a law, to keep such POWER away from those people.


Be honest. How do you do on the test?

If you try the test on someone, watch their faces when you get to the punch line.

If anyone fails the test, anyone claiming of the need to make a law that disarms the people, then they will be confessing their infection of an abject belief in falsehood, and the only way that they can "argue" their abject belief in falsehood without question is to resort to lies, and resort to threats of violence as their ARMED employees in "government", according to those liars, those well paid liars, paid by honest working people who produce POWER worth stealing, will CONTROL your POWER to bear arms in each case, even if "THEY" have to torture and mass murder people right here in America in Houses (Vicki Weaver), Churches (Waco), in Buildings (Oklahoma, World Trade Center (3), Pentagon), Theaters, or "Public" schools, so as to make sure that the TARGETS (tax payers) are threatened and duped sufficiently to disarm themselves in mind and in spirit.

You are being dupes.

Look here:

"Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned."

That is the diametric opposite of what is clearly stated in English in The Declaration of Independence.

You have been duped.

When POWER reaches near abundance The People can afford to bear arms that work effectively against criminals who take over governments.

The TRUTH is a POWER that arms the people.

What is the Amendment before the Second one?

But Joe, you are so stupid, The Constitution saves our mortal souls from the bad guys.


Look here:

"And whereas, James Wilson, an associate justice, on the 4th instant, by writing under his hand, did from evidence which had been laid before him notify to me that "in the counties of Washington and Allegany, in Pennsylvania, laws of the United States are opposed and the execution thereof obstructed by combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings or by the powers vested in the marshal of that district";

"And whereas, it is in my judgment necessary under the circumstances of the case to take measures for calling forth the militia in order to suppress the combinations aforesaid, and to cause the laws to be duly executed; and I have accordingly determined so to do, feeling the deepest regret for the occasion, but withal the most solemn conviction that the essential interests of the Union demand it, that the very existence of government and the fundamental principles of social order are materially involved in the issue, and that the patriotism and firmness of all good citizens are seriously called upon, as occasions may require, to aid in the effectual suppression of so fatal a spirit;"

No, in fact The Constitution replaced The Articles of Confederation by FRAUDULENT means, and in very heated debates and skirmishes the battle for Liberty was fought ever since, including the Bill of Rights, including that Whiskey Rebellion, including The First Bank of the United States (Communist Central Bank even before Communism so where do you think the communists learned their tricks?), The Alien and Sedition Acts, the Second Bank of the United States, The War of 1812, The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, the Civil War, the Federal Reserve Act, etc.

One big happy family?

No, the crooks are among us, enemies foreign and domestic, and they lie, cheat, steal, rape, torture, and mass murder their way into POWER consistently, relentlessly, and effectively, and they mean to injure their targets and if you start out in the morning with less power and end up at the end of the day having PRODUCED more POWER, then you are a target.

Welcome home dupes.