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Thanks for the youtube, P.Nicholson! I watched it. . .

and I STILL admire how concisely JackH laid his groundwork of this essay in the very first 19 seconds!

He clearly states that his aversion "has little to do with whether [conspiracy theories] are true." This essay was written NOT to discuss the validity of the theories themselves.

His admonition is against excessive reliance on such theories, when "no secret reasons are needed to attack obviously bad government". He finds it more urgent to further small-government conservative movement, which includes our libertarian wing, against neoconned Romney/R - Obama/D BIG-government status-quo.

*I totally agree with him.* We can pursue our individual interests in various conspiracy theories for the sake of getting out the truth, but we are also fortunate to have clear-minded political activists, who are doggedly focused on how to steer the government towards a constitutional limited one most effectively.