Comment: I can tell you who god doesn't help

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I can tell you who god doesn't help

God doesn't seem to be helping the tens and hundreds of thousands of children being killed by the US military.

God did not help the littler girl with her jaw blown off by terrorist bombings...I mean US ordered military bombings.

God does not help the American citizens against tyranical government.

Soo....despite my christian upbringing...I see it's all a farce. Keep believing if you want.....but I'm sure most of those millions who were starved, abused and died in Hitler's camps prayed hard and prayed often. God didnt' help them either.

Meanwhile, the most evil men the earth has ever seen have ammassed great power. They continue to decieve the public and usurp more and more power for themselves, committing murder, extortion, lies and deciet....with absolutely no consequence....I don't think those men believe in God, and certainly no God is going to stop them. Maybe we should try asking Zues for help. Maybe Odin is still around to save the day. Wonder if Captain America will save us.