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Offensive defense

Your version of doing things is very similar to mine. I call my version "if the shoe fits, where the shoe", and your version goes by the name "connecting dots".

I can defend myself here, but John Pilger can't defend himself here, so the shoes you put on him are on him for life here, while my momentary sense of injury does not exist, because I can easily appreciate the opportunity to defend myself, my thoughts, and my actions, where defense is a welcome opportunity.

I don't wear the John Pilger shoes. I am not invited to speak to people assembled. I invade forums on the internet, and I've run for office, and at family gatherings I answer questions when asked, which has been a clue offered to other people to not ask me questions. People are asking me more and more questions these days: The Age of Reason Returns?

"He gave a very specific command to Joshua at a very specific time in history when He did speak directly to people. God's word says that and I believe it. I do not mean to jump to conclusions where you are concerned. Please forgive me."

Please accept my forgiveness in my way, and in my way I ask you to learn from the experience, to sharpen your reasonable offerings of your unique point of view, so as to be more effective at communicating that reasonable, competitive, unique, viewpoint and do so more, and more, accurately. Don't let me hold you back - in other words - that would be unforgivable to me.

As to the past cases of what God says to people I can give that all the authority required to make it true in my mind, but I live now, and I move each second closer to the end of my time on this planet, and as authoritative, as true, as The Bible may be, or is, the "lesson" is counter to my path through life as I know it to be at this time.

If I find someone slaughtering babies, and it is in my power to stop them, I'm not going to wait for the baby slaughtering individual, or group, to prove to me that their orders came from God, or The Federal Reserve Board. I hope that makes perfect sense, and can serve to offer a competitive, and unique, viewpoint for reaching the goal of producing a discussion so as to move closer toward a better viewpoint if possible.

"misadventures with guns...??? That is like reading a very interesting line out of a novel. Of course human curiosity is peaked! That being said, there is no need to tell, only if you are wanting to talk about something. Otherwise, what is your info, may be better left being your info."

The misadventures with guns includes errors in reloading, constructions of cannons on motorcycle wheels, bombs made of 5 gallon glass bottles filled with gasoline, and other things that would fill a novel and are probably not good things to spread as if repeating such things is a goal. We 5 boys moved from New Jersey where population density was high to The Mojave Desert where population density is very low and we went about freely doing pretty much as we pleased since there weren't any other people anywhere for hundreds of miles often.

I'm old now, and not much of a threat to the powers that be, certainly not a physical threat, so these confessions are, in my opinion, relatively harmless, and buried.