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Comment: Can we have some full and honest disclosure then

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Can we have some full and honest disclosure then

by taking "free" out of the national anthem? Oh that's right... we can't do that. If you actually SAY people are not free then there will be a definite armed revolution TOMORROW.

As long as the flag doesn't change, everything's cool. Settle down people. You are free... as long as you get permission first for anything you want to do. You are free to travel, free to work, free to eat whatever you want, free to put whatever you want into your body, free to speak, free to bear arms, free to worship as you choose, free to self-govern, free to start your own business, free to use your private property as you choose, free to associate with others... we have so many freedoms.

Let's not forget most importantly, you are free to have anyone you want and trust to defend you in a court of law against your accusers...

I wonder if the people in Hitler's Germany were "free?"

I wonder if the Chinese are "free?"

I wonder if the people in the USSR were "free?"

Kinda makes you wonder huh? Forgive me if I seem out of line here... and if it's okay to say this... it really seems... like... the only freedom we have is a definition of "freedom" in the dictionary.

When was the last you looked it up? That's probably a good place to start in order to really figure this out. Next we should probably look up the definition of "slavery." Does this all seem logical to anyone else?

(I sure hope they haven't changed the definitions yet).

Proposal: Feb 1st is "Freedom Day"

What if we were to get the word out to everyone in the freedom movement... now this isn't going to work without MASS COMMITTMENT. Not please don't point any fingers at anyone else. What if on that day we decided that from that day fourth we will NO LONGER ask permission for anything we want to do and just reverted back to common law on our own?

What if we had 10 million people that simply "opted out" of all the tyranny all at the same time? What if we all stood up at once? Do you think our SERVANTS would FINALLY get the MESSAGE that WE are FREE in this country... they are the SERVANTS... and WE ARE THE MASTERS?