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All a judge has to do

is say you don't have "standing" (which they interpret however they want.
Do you think that maybe some of the people in Germany complained to their representatives, even before they were being loaded on the trains?
Our lawmakers no longer listen to the people.
Bank bailouts - phone calls, faxes, emails, snail mails all running 1000 to 1 against, but they passed it anyway.
Patriot act - totally unconstitutional, not only did they pass it, they keep passing it!
NDAA - Ok, National Defence Authorisation Act - but declaring American citizens as terrorists and subjecting them to indefinite detention without recourse to an attorney? That keeps getting passed? Why?
Any questions, and I mean ANY, about Obama's past and you are declared an idiot, racist, or conspiracy theorist (or all three) without even trying to show that the question is wrong.

This is not the Republic of the United States, you now live in the Democracy of the United States of America. Mob rule! (and the mob consists of the corporations!)

Once you have given up your guns, and you loose your lawsuits, what do you do? Get on the trains?