Comment: Narrowing the field precisely?

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Narrowing the field precisely?

God knows all but creations are not created to know all?

That would be unwise?

I can't answer that question, only God can?

So God created one creation and that one creation was created to be too powerful, and that one creation is evil, and that one creation works against God?

Who can I get to set me straight?

All those questions above complicate the already complicated Topic?

I prefer to make things current and personal, while giving all the credit, and Glory, to God, as to me the creator of everything is the creator of everything, a POWER, and everything proves the fact that there is a POWER creating everything, no need for me to seek any more advice from anyone proving the fact to be a fact.

As to the English, or the Hebrew, words that describe, and communicate the precise look, sound, feel, taste, or perception of God (so named) I'm not going to claim to know which perception is more accurate compared competitively with which other perception.

God = Power behind all creation (fine with me in English)

God = YHVH (Hebrew?)

God = Charlton Heston with the white beard if anyone wants to know what God looks like?

So what is good?

To me it is easy. Life is good.


Who is asking?


How about a competitive answer?

I'll give it a try.

Good is something instead of nothing.

Hydrogen, for example, is good.

So a power, undeniably, creates hydrogen.

Then oxygen.


A place for all this new stuff.

God becomes lonely?

How about a chess player for God, out of boredom?

Just me offering a competitive viewpoint.

I don't know.

Joe, what about making this current and personal, or are you stretching your pretension of honesty beyond reason?

So I get put off in this God stuff when someone says that God orders the murder of babies.

The only way that I can make sense of it is if Evolution is a process created by the power that creates and God, the power of creation, removes a specific genetic creation from existence for good reason, to stop that specific genetic creation from existing any more, as in no more of that genetic creation will exist, so terminate that genetic information from creation, and do it now.


Because God says so.

No, I'm asking why.

Because God says so.

You have to be satisfied with the answer.

No, I am not built that way, my being is not satisfied with witnessing, never mind participating in, the murder of babies: because God says so.


Because God says so.

OK, so, here is God, here is imperfect creation, here is a commandment, here is the medium of exchange, stone tablets, here is this Moses guy, and he is the chosen one chosen to be the one person that has these items of communication from God to these, presumed to be intelligent, creations, as imperfect as they are, since God may have figured out the need to avoid creating exact copies of God, because God hates competition?

The closest God got to making a perfect copy of God was the Devil and how do we imperfect minions know the genuine article from the counterfeit version?

Yes, all, I don't need anyone else to inform me that my mind is all messed up. But seriously, and currently, and to the exact point at which another baby is murdered, right there, in time and place, it seems to me that I'm going to either help the process along, when the baby murders grow weary with the work load, or I'm going to have absolutely nothing to do with it, one way or the other, or I will impede the process by some accurate measure.

I can't get too far from my own imaginary authority on this subject whereby I turn a corner in life and right there in front of me is a row of babies all lined up as far as the eye can see, and at the end of the line is a guy, or a gang of guys, maybe a few women too, and they are very busy murdering those babies and throwing them in a deep hole and the hole is filling up, and the pile is growing fast, and more helpers are needed to make room for more baby corpses, and someone hands me an official order from God, as soon as I turn the corner and find this mess in progress, and the order from God says, Attention Joe.

I read my orders and then what?