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Man In the Box...

ecorob... i've seen your call sign for months now and view you as a brother in Liberty. no stress amongst brothers, bro

as for my call sign - thanks for asking. I am of the age that I'm a huge Alice in Change fan. Layne Stanley's chilling cries for mercy, while he was losing a very public death spiral with heroine addiction, the raw human frailty of it affected me deeply - as any good art does. not all of us are as strong as Job from the bible...

also, since the Bloomberg Freedom of Information act in Aug of 2009 'woke me up' I've felt isolated and alone, trapped in my lonely box. Who do you talk to about all of this

until I found you screwballs on the DP, and I've been an addict since

and finally, the most obvious application of my call sign. I believe with Schwartz and others, dissodents are going to be taken out, more and more, and speaking out - bravely - here on the DP, puts your own life, more and more at risk. And yet, I've made my decision. I will not live in fear, and I will only stand for Christ, for Love, and for the TRUTH. I will not be swayed. so they con come and suicide me now or anytime, but I will not silence myself. thus, the dramatic, but true nonetheless, that we will all - eventually - end as the man in the box

peace jg

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!