Comment: Macho Man Randy Savage

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Macho Man Randy Savage

is a SCOURGE on the World Wrestling Federation! I'm going to beat him to a PULP! (After we go out to dinner of course) Let me know if you think this is an off-topic comment.

OHHH waitaminute check this out...

Conservative talk radio host, lawyer[not a lawyer of course but an ATTORNEY and BAR member], and frequent National Review contributor Mark R. Levin comes out firing against the United States Supreme Court in Men in ...

Anyone starting to notice a common denominator?

They are entertaining the SHEEPLE... it's a SHOW... you think it's REAL. It's not real... this discourse is COMPLETELY FAKE... hello... hello... did you just hang up on me?

How many non-BAR members in congress... 1... maybe 2?