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EXACTLY my point.

They will set someone up. There will be another Ruby Ridge, another Waco, I am a bit worried that this "Citadel" is the set up... But where ever and when ever it comes, the FIRST people need to just go peacefully. And they need to know that the rest of us are in on the plan and will send our very best legal minds to their aid. We have a WEALTH of people well versed in Law now, and if we can get a team of attorneys like Stewart Rhodes to say IN ADVANCE that they will help, we can tear this whole thing wide open. Lets not fall for it again, lets be ready this time. Nothing but a shit eatin' grin and a "Sure, you can take me to jail, you just can't have my weapon."
AH - I see where I worded my post very poorly now. Thanks.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: