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I know you

haven't had a chance to answer my other question yet, but I also wanted to add one other thought to this topic. Have you seen Mel Gibson's Apocalypto? If not, it is a very accurate representation of the Mayan culture and I highly recommend it. Many of the civilizations that God destroyed in the OT were similar in comparison to these people, and most people by today's standards, would be shocked by the brutality and barbaric nature of these cultures. They routinely sacrificed their own children to their gods and would rip beating hearts out of their still alive victims. These are the types of civilizations that God had destroyed. Also, no where in the Bible does it state that infants are sent to Hell. If in destroying these civilizations and their infants, the infants souls returned back to Him, rather than be destined to live in a barbaric culture where they would ultimately have been either sacrificed or destined to be damned as adults, has He ultimately helped these infants, or hurt them?