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Attorneys (Bar Members)

have no vested interest in defending rights. You at least know me as a guy who does extensive research. I leave no stone unturned.

Hear me now: This guy's job is to collect up a list of the resistors. Same with Alex Jones. People knock me for not putting my mug up on youtube... THINK about IF what I'm saying is true... don't you think I'm risking my life enough just typing these comments trying to get people to focus on the BAR RUN SLAVE TRADE MONOPOLY?

This is why I do not want to "lead" anything. If you lead that movement you get KILLED and DEAD people can't comment on the Daily Paul. Everybody just needs to start paying attention to what is the CANCER eating out our LIBERTY.

This is not a METAPHOR. I'm not exaggerating. DO NOT HIRE ANY ATTORNEY they are all SOCIALISTS. Fishy please... delete this post or at least save it on your computer. Do not link your credibility to this guy or ANY BAR member.

You're either on team America or you are a BAR member... or you're just not paying attention or don't have all the facts.