Comment: I'm not failing - I'm Winning; what are you doing?

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I'm not failing - I'm Winning; what are you doing?

If you can honestly defend the Assclownery comments below, that are an apparent attempt to instill fear and uncertainty into anyone seeking remedy, you have a serious problem.

They are Assclowns and deserve to be publicly humiliated for all to see. They care not about learning or having an honest debate, they have one purpose, and that is to instill fear.

Why would I ever want to waste my money and time on a Bar License?

They can't even represent private citizens; only gov't employees and elected officials; it's in their bar charter.

I don't sell information; not in it for the money; it's much more prosperous and fulfilling to help others for free.

Since you've interjected yourself into the conversation, how about you help add something intelligent for the viewing audience?

Answer the question if you will:

"What's the One Document local/state/federal gov't has in their possession that would contractually compel-force-obligate anyone other than gov't employees and elected officials to abide by their own internal-statutory rules and tax codes ... AND compel us to do it for free"?

Waiting in suspense.