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Both resonses responding to now.

You get an opposite (from my own) viewpoint out of Apocalypto. We, as in you and I, or anyone and I, or me and my own conscience, we, we don't have to get away from the point made earlier.

I just set about getting some chores done and I went mad, for awhile, a raving lunatic, had I had a recording of my battles with my own sense of right and wrong, me speaking out loud, all alone, it could be entertaining, if not a specific response to your response.

I am going to reconstruct my recent theater with words and not a live video of the event just played out in my own home.

Characters present in the play or theater:

1. Joe
2. Baby processor
3. A line of babies as far as the eye can see on a conveyor belt, some with diapers on, some not.

Joe begins to offer Joe's perspective on the topic.

Scene 1.

Joe: "Ok, first, before turning the corner and finding what lies ahead, from my current place in the dark, I can confirm the abject stupidity of Joe, a real numbskull, human trash actually, not worth a penny, not worth any gold, not worth the air consumed by the nitwit, so can we get this clear, first, that Joe is not intended to be connected in any way to the information offered. Joe does not exist, and if Joe does exist we can all agree that Joe aught not exist, Joe aught to go back to whatever place Joe came from - please - and the sooner the better."

Joe turns the corner, and from the darkness, Joe enters the light, and illuminated before Joe, and all of God's creation, figuratively if not literally (a sum total of what actually does happen), the other guy in the theater is busy, and what the other guys is doing is schooling Joe, so the theater is also a school. Joe is now witnessing the process.

Joe begins to offer Joe's perspective.

"To be clear, again, Joe admits that Joe is a piece of human trash, not a factor, at all, so forget about Joe, and if possible just look at the information in view. Got that?"

Silence in the Theater/School/Area of view.

Joe taps the worker on the shoulder.

Conveyor belt stops, worker stops working, worker turns to Joe with sweat pouring, almost passing out from exhaustion, grabs a drink of water and stares at Joe.

"Not that it is bad, mind you, this thing you are doing here, I'm not one to question another's business, but can I ask you a question?"

The worker finishes a drink and starts eating a baby, the worker is famished.

"No. I am not ordered to answer questions, I have orders to do my work, and as you can see there is work to be done, as soon as my break is over, which I'm allowed to do, it says so right here, I'll get back to work. No questions."

"Ok, understood, but suppose I'm not asking a question, instead I'm asking if you need any help, no, no, strike that, I'm not asking I'm offering."

"Help, hmmmm, well I don't know. I'll have to ask, but I'm told to do as told without question."

"OK, so, again, no questions, just an offering of help, just an idea, and not my idea, forget about me, does the idea work? You know, you have so much work to do, and I'm not doing anything, actually I think I may have added to your work load, so all the more reason for me to offer help, so many babies, not enough time, and all that."

Worker finishes a baby, takes another drink of water, and looks at his watch.

"I don't know man, I have these orders, and they are not to be questioned, but it sound good to me, I'm tired, and the rate of work is increasing for some reason, so yea, yea, dive in, I guess, at least until I'm told differently."

Not that it is bad or anything, but in such a case, me being me, I'd probably help my own way, not the way the worker is ordered to work exactly, and the concept of right and wrong can be left up to the authorities, not me, I'll just wander over to the place where the babies are loaded onto the conveyor and see what is happening on that end.

Meanwhile the worker is not too happy with my form of help, as I wander off, I suppose.

I don't get the orders, so my help is not appreciated?

If you see one message when you watch a movie, or read a book, and I see the opposite message, then either your view is accurate, or my view is accurate, relatively speaking, since there is no way that we can both be exactly inaccurate.

More specific to your viewpoint but not removing my viewpoint from view, after having offered some of it, graphically, I can access your words with quotes:

"God orders that entire populations be destroyed, including infants, and in your mind you cannot conceive of a God that could order the destruction of infants and still be considered "good" or righteous, from your perspective."

I was specific. In the context of the Theory of Evolution the order by the all powerful to start the conveyor belt mentioned above makes sense. If that is not clearly understood, at this point, I can elaborate on that point so long as you do not ignore that point. If you ignore that point then there is no point in you asking me for my viewpoint; since you ignore it.

"Hitler was an infant at one point...would you consider destroying Hitler as an infant, knowing full well who and what he would become, to be an unrighteous act?"

No. I see no point in murdering babies. I think babies need to be nurtured and raised to fulfill their destiny as a competitive example of our number within the SET of people we label as Human Beings.

Have you seen the movie Schindler's List? What is your opinion as to the reason why one little girl is wearing a red dress in an otherwise black and white movie?

I can offer my viewpoint if you care to know my viewpoint on that point.

"Have you seen Mel Gibson's Apocalypto? If not, it is a very accurate representation of the Mayan culture and I highly recommend it. Many of the civilizations that God destroyed in the OT were similar in comparison to these people, and most people by today's standards, would be shocked by the brutality and barbaric nature of these cultures."

I like this song:

My point:
Perspective A (Movie by Mel Gibson)
Perspective B (Song by Neil Young)
Perspective C (Your interpretation of the movie)
Perspective D (My interpretation of the movie)
Perspective E (Your interpretation of the song)
Perspective F (My interpretation of the song)
Perspective G (Actual accurate reality as it is)
Perspective H (failure to know better)

"These are the types of civilizations that God had destroyed."

They who murdered babies murdered babies, claiming to be "just following orders", which sounds familiar to me, a constant, not a variable. The variable is the names of the baby murderers.

I'm not saying that God doesn't order the baby murders, but I did offer a possible logical reason why an all powerful God might order babies murdered, and that has to do with The Theory of Evolution as if God says OOOOPPPS, that specific genetic instruction (orders) are messed up, so, ahhhhhh, wooopsie, where's my eraser, and back to the drawing board.

"Also, no where in the Bible does it state that infants are sent to Hell."

I don't know what that has to do with me, specifically, but my response to that is to say that parents having to witness their babies (or any babies for sensitive people/parents) tortured and murdered, or murdered without the pain, are living in hell on earth, who needs enemies with friends like that?

" If in destroying these civilizations and their infants, the infants souls returned back to Him, rather than be destined to live in a barbaric culture where they would ultimately have been either sacrificed or destined to be damned as adults, has He ultimately helped these infants, or hurt them?"

Oppps, back to the drawing board?

So, I get it, you are merely one of God's children, imperfect, so you don't have the answers.

I ask, or offer, help, described earlier, and as described earlier, I can be totally left out of the entire business, for lack of any possible help from me, admitted by me, but the point is to look at possible ways to help if help is possible.

Can someone help, if not me?