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I would join the military

I would join the military today if Dr. Ron Paul was President. I would be happy to die for a country that elected him. Unfortunately, we don't live in that country.

Its great to reminisce about the founders, afterall, they were proponents of "no standing army". I have a funny feeling that if they were alive today, they would not fight on the side of the police state imperialist army. In fact, the would do quite the opposite.

I have nothing against the PFC on the front line just trying to fight his way out of poverty. However, knowingly joining a force that unconstitutionally replaces regimes and kill hundreds of thousands across the globe is not my cup of tea. It also has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with my "forefathers" or "serving my country"; it actually is a slap on the face to the founders and a huge DISservice to my country (see blowback).