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"What To Do When They Come

"What To Do When They Come For Your Guns...", is rather irrelevant. They'll come in packs of 100, armed with anything from machine guns to attack helicopters. Or perhaps drones.

What counts is, what do you do when they come for someone elses guns? What do you do when national policy is to disarm you, to make you a more pliable slave?

The only way to win that one, is to deny them the ability to pick each and every battle in the war to be to their advantage. In reality there are 10-100 times more patriots than paid enforcers fro the oppressors. BUT, as long as each patriot sits in his living room waiting for them to knock down his door, the oppressors get to enjoy the 10-100 times superior force in every battle.

Say instead, that as soon as confiscation becomes policy, 10 million gun owning patriots immediately starts going about proactively killing all those in a position to confiscate their guns. Not making stupid "statements" of self promotion, but just quietly and methodically search out all those likely to take part in confiscation on the oppressors' side. And then kill them. One by one. Without making a big display of it. Just quietly kill, and disappear into the night. In not too long, the finite number of people once likely to take part in confiscation, will be severely reduced. Then, keep killing, until they are eliminated. Do that, and in not too long, noone will have to worry about such silliness as what to do when "they" come for my guns. Since "they" will no longer be in any position to do so. Problem solved.

Of course, the above is pure fiction. I would never recommend anyone doing anything illegal, as doing so on the internet may well be illegal, the way pretty much all acts that threatens or inconveniences the powerful and well connected are.