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Comment: keep killing them with logic and facts my friend.

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keep killing them with logic and facts my friend.

Have you ever noticed the number of down votes are directly proportional to the number of Assclowns that have commented in the thread?

4 Assclowns will yield 4 negative down votes to any comment you post, even when the comment you've posted is grounded in Law-Facts or US Code they can read with their own eyes; not limited to actual case law cites that are plain to see.

They're like a group of Ugly High School Cheerleaders that are jealous of the new Hot Girl ... LOL

Most people don't even use the up or down arrows as apparent by calculation of the number of actual users/readers with respect to the number of actual up or down votes across the site in it's entirety.

Site has 200,000 members, but you rarely see a comment with more than 10 up or down votes anywhere on the site.

There are a lot of intelligent people lurking in the shadows that never post or interject.

Keep killing them with the truth and facts; the only comeback they have once confronted with logic and facts is/are one liners that have zero force or effect in law, as is plainly seen in the comments below.

Thanks for you contribution, I always enjoy your informative posts.