Comment: I am impressed w/ the "slant 6." Yes. If stock, this may be V8.

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I am impressed w/ the "slant 6." Yes. If stock, this may be V8.

1964 Dodge Dart TV Television Commercial Economy size. Watch it here for FREE!

"1964 Dodge Dart. The new kind of compact, in the large economy size."

In 1963, "All were powered by 170-c.i. or 225-c.i. slant-six engines. Consistent with their sticker price, cars were sparsely equipped, and operation was very economical with 20 to 25 miles per gallon.

Choosing not to mess with success, the 1964 Dart changed little except for some bolder trim and the introduction of a 180-hp, 273-c.i. V-8 that marked Dodge’s Golden Anniversary. The compact Dart was again a hit, with 195,000 Dart’s moving into new driveways. A refresh in 1965 further tidied some design work, and sales remained strong at 206,000. Almost half of 1965 Dart production was equipped with a V8 engine."

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