Comment: In looking for corroborating evidence to statements of fact...

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In looking for corroborating evidence to statements of fact...

We now read about an 'off-duty tactical officer' in the woods! The incident in the woods was up to this point speculative and not a subject covered very loudly by the media. This article corroborates that there was 'someone' in the woods! That's all it helps demonstrate as a true statement of fact. That he/she was a suspect, or was an off duty officer, are statements but not necessarily true statements! It is useful Intel however!

This establishes to some degree that the video of people chasing into the woods is real! That is true statement, but who it is remains just a statement! This is progress!

Additionally we have now corroborating evidence that something actually happened in town, and that the local PD was there! 3-5 police from that town are presently off duty... or not at work?! As many as 15 may be plagued with the same problem! Whether this is for the reasons given, or because they did not exist in the first place but were 'interviewed', or because they are being silenced... all remain statements of fact which are either true or false.

But, that something has happened which necessitates their absence, or removes a 'name' from duty today for that town, seems a true statement of fact.

It is still unclear as to the real reasons for their ABSENCE however.

As time passes it cannot be helped that corroborating evidence of any particular statement of fact, it's truth or falsehood, will emerge. That is precisely what the liberty and truth movement should be carefully tracking. The flow chart of truth will slowly emerge.

Do not jump to conclusions, accept as true statement of fact, or assume a statement of fact is false, until corroboration of the small building blocks occurs. This requires patience!