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Another one waiting around for someone to "prove" it

to them before the act on their own. That's the problem with this country; everyone's standing on the sidelines watching the battle as others are spilling the blood and doing the time.

Read the comments below before you interject; you might learn something.

Instead of someone 'proving' to you that you are not liable to follow the corporations own internal-statutory rules and tax codes, how about you prove the opposing question instead?

"What's the One Document local/state/federal gov't has in their possession that would contractually compel-force-obligate anyone other than gov't employees and elected officials to abide by their internal-statutory rules and tax codes AND compel us to do it free of charge-without pay"?

PS: You won't find court documents that prove you're not obligated; if they didn't bury those cases and hide them, their BS con would be exposed and would end overnight.

Anytime a case like this gets traction, it mysteriously disappears so no case law can be established for others to use in their defense.