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I would like to

take the time to fully respond to your comments, but may not have time to do so this the meantime, I did see Schindler’s List a long time ago, but do not remember the girl in the red dress and would like to hear your comments on it. I also listened to Neil Young’s Cortez the killer, and understand what you are getting at, and would just like to ask if you have read the Bible? While I would take issue with Mr. Young’s innocent portrayal of the Mayan culture, I also would not say that Cortez would accurately be portrayed as a “good” guy, but was perhaps used as a vessel for administering God’s justice....i.e. many times in the Bible God will set one evil force against another to fulfill His will. The Babylonians were an evil culture that were given power over Israel as a means of punishment for Israel’s repeated defiance of God (after being warned over and over again), but it was always made clear that they were evil in God’s eyes and ultimately also heaped God’s Judgement upon themselves as well.

“So, I get it, you are merely one of God's children, imperfect, so you don't have the answers.”....
It is a complex discussion and you are right, I do not have all of the answers and I would be lying if I claimed that I did, but I also think that many of these questions are answered in God’s Word, which is why I asked if you had read it. I am also not assuming that you have not read it, which is why I asked.

I will wait to hear your responses, and if ok, would like to continue our discussion tomorrow.