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We are a similar age...

...though I was an angry Pearl Jam kid. Just "off" enough to be into the grunge scene, but not nearly so "troubled" as to be a Nirvana nut. Though I definitely loved that entire musical movement, only later did I really start to appreciate AIC and even Nirvana more deeply.

Growing up, i remember describing grunge as music about the problems of suburban life for kids without real problems. In retrospect, I think one theme that sort of united most of the good rock music (which included grunge but which we more broadly called "alternative") of the time was the fact that there was no "Vietnam" or ostensible, single manifestation of a problem... Cold War was over, economy had recovered, technology was advancing in exciting ways, our standard of living was pretty clearly improved from only a decade or two prior... but, as I more recently learned, that was all pretty much bull s t.

So, in fact, what I think I have come to appreciate about AIC and Nirvana is the blatant, indisguisable torment evident in their music and in Kurt's and Layne's very voices. Watch the sound check for Nirvana unplugged or listen to Pennyroyal Tea from the same performance and Kurt is almost naked as an artist. Nothing contrived. Dude can't really sing, he is painfully and awkwardly aware of that fact but somehow he's a "rock god". There was something that looked unsettling about him. Incidentally, my personal favorite 90s rock band (PJ) was the least genuine in that regard. Apart from the Andrew Wood experience, their only "issue" is that they were unwilling pop icons.

On a separate note, I respect Eddie Vedder more than ever and less than ever at the same time these days. More because I used to be a republican and hated his Bush bashing... Less because I wish he would grow a brain and a pair of balls and write a few songs about Obama doing the same and in some ways worse things than those things for which he would bash our last lunatic and chief.

Anyway, always nice to meet a person with his head on straight, especially one of my generation. We're a strange breed... Kids who were kids in the 80s... A little too young to fear the Russians but old enough to remember what it was like not to fear the Muslims and the government (though only one of those fears is justified). All of these college aged liberty lovers (and thank God for them) have few memories of life before 2001.

God bless, bro. You're not alone in the box.

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