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But of course that's all you want is 'evidence' .... LOL

So do the other people reading who are suffering from Stalkhome's Syndrome and have been raised all their lives believing something that isn't true.

READ MY LIPS: There is No Evidence, because they won't reply to a conditional acceptance offer that negotiates the terms of the contract. How can anyone collect if the IRS won't agree to the terms?

Their silence is deafening. Do you want me to drive down there and drag them over a desk and force them to answer the counter offer?

Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

No ones asking you to trust anyone. In life you are presented with options and information, that may or may not be true. It is then up to you to experiment or not and decide if something actually works or not.

What if everyone in Society stood on the side lines and said "prove" it to me?

Prove to me I can become a millionaire by showing me you did it first.

Prove to me I can brush my teeth by showing me you did it first.

Prove to me I can inhale and exhale by showing me you did it first.

Prove to me I can walk to the mall by showing my you did it first.

Prove to me I can be free from gov't tyranny and taxation by showing me you did it first.

Prove to me Colloidal Silver kills the HIV virus by showing me you did it first.

I'll just sit over here and die of AIDS instead of trying it myself, because you haven't proven to me it works with black ink on white paper.

It's not proof enough the AIDS patient is still alive after 20 years and doing fine, you need proof from another reliable source before you'll give it shot.

That's just absurd and ridiculous.

You've been presented with information from people who have been in this movement for many-many years; people who fight in the courts to advance the cause of freedom and share with you experiences they believe to be sound, and still, everyone's sitting on the sidelines waiting for them to PROVE it.

Your freedom from tyranny is not mine to exercise and enforce. That is up to you; I gain nothing from you filing/paying/abiding.

What would you do if someone told you that you could jump in that contraption called an automobile and turn that little key and something magical would happen; it would start and you could drive it to the store instead of walking ten miles everyday?

Would you try it, or would you stand there and say "Prove it to me first"?

You've been presented with an automobile to drive; it's up to you if you wish to get in and turn on the ignition; it's not up to me to prove it to you.

Turn the key and give it a shot, or continue walking ten miles to the store.

I get nothing out of it either way.