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Comment: vinceableworld you are correct

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vinceableworld you are correct

I have been working in the "courts" myself to confront the "court" "personnel" on the fact that they have overthrown government by failing to adhere to the contractual oblligations that they voluntarily signed up for. I have notified them them that they do not have any jurisdiction ever because they have removed power from themselves by failing to perform within the specific limits of the contractually binding oath they took to the US and State Constitution. All people in America really need to wake up to the Common Law nature of contract we call the Constitution. The Constitution is the LAW FOR GOVERNMENT! It does not apply as prohibitions or obligations of the People because the only agreement we have in it is that Create/Extablish/Ordain the lawsfully binding fiction of Government with specific duties and prohibitions for the LAWFUL OPERATION OF GOVERNMENT.

Anything outside the scope or prohibitions of this Contract between the People and Citizens/Employees of Government has no application in Law and is NULL AND VOID! Do the people here on DP realize your supreme power in challenging the courts at every turn? Have you done the math to realize how much time it takes them to actually hear these cases?? My intent is to get to the truth of the matter which is what Justice actually is; finding truth! The very act of pursuing Justice to its end means that the "courts" will simply clog, have a heart attack and die as a direct result of their own tyranny against the population.

If they bring you in there and you know the law and challenge them, then the "courts" will run out of time in a hot minute. Do the math and realize that time is an inviolable Law of Nature that will render their tyranny unworkable because they will run out of time from having an army of We the People challenging them on all of their crimes. The courts will butt up against the unbreakable law of Nature called TIME and then they will eventually see the 100th monkey fall from the realization that the tyrannical system is not only crime against the people but completely unworkable. The courts are simply waiting for you to present the undeniable truth. Do you think that politics will give you undeniably quantifiable tangible progress towards liberty? In politics you need to convince 100s of millions of people of your point of view. In a court you simply need to convince 1-12 people the undeniable truth. Which one do you think has a higher probability of success? 100 million convinced or 12?

vinceableworld you are correct and you do not need to be a leader because the only people who can end the tyranny committed against them is themselves. vinceableworld is only trying to point this self-evident fact of Nature itself to You. Gain knowledge of Law or lose all of your rights. The choice is your and yours alone. The last hour is now. And you will learn the law and use the law to protect yourself or this entire situation is going to explode and dissolve into chaos. This fact of Nature is Self-evident.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...