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Good list

I would add:

1) What evidence is there which apparently convinces police that Adam killed his mother? Seems like the only "evidence" is "because we said so."

2) Why is it we have perhaps 2 minutes total from the entire event as far as video is concerned?

3) Wouldn't it suggest media collusion with the police that they just HAPPENED to be over Rhodia's car when the "long weapon" was found?

4) How is it that Lanza was able to shoot everyone with the "long weapon," then go back out to his trunk to put it away.. then go back into the school and die... all in roughly 5-7 minutes?

5) Isn't it strange that 6 children who just saw their teacher killed were sitting in a "neat semi-circle" at the edge of Gene Rosen's driveway instead of the bus driver getting them home as soon as possible since the parents would obviously be freaking out given the "news?"

(plz don't step on this comment so I can add to this list)