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Comment: This is a Public Challenge to Anyone Reading:

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This is a Public Challenge to Anyone Reading:

I've presented you with information above. It may or may not be valid, but I'm still here; am not in jail, and have yet to hear back from the IRS or any Gov't agency for many years. If they had a case, they'd be knocking on the door hauling me off in cuffs because of my frivolous arguments. Several years of not filing, and ***Crickets***.

Now, it's not my job to prove anything to you; I get nothing out of your newfound freedoms or continued Involuntary servitude.

Instead of you people jumping on this thread asking me to PROVE something to you, how about you prove something to me instead?

The Million Dollar Question, that apparently no one here can answer:

"What is the One Document, either local/state/federal Gov't has in their possession that would contractually obligate-compel-force anyone other than gov't employees and elected officials, who HAVE signed into an employment contract and are receiving pay, to abide by their own internal-statutory rules and tax codes, AND compel us to do it for free-without pay"?

I presented you with some information to use or not to use; it's not up to me to prove anything to you. If you want to find out if it works, lick a stamp and shoot it off and wait for a reply. If there is no reply, they simply don't want to agree to your terms and don't care to contract with you.

It's that simple. Registered Mail has a way of winning court cases :)

No Contract = No Jurisdiction ........... Period!

Government employees and Elected Officials MUST comply with statutory rules and tax codes; it's part of their employment contract; they agreed to the terms and conditions. They are getting paid to abide by those internal statutes and tax codes, the rest of us not on a gov't salary are not getting paid.

Burger King employees agree to wear a Burger King uniform and mop the floors; they are getting paid to follow those internal corporate statutes. When they clock out and go home; they are not required to wear the uniform and mop the floors, until they clock back in.

Someone who works for the Gov't part time and works for Burger King part time are paid to follow internal corporate statutes while on the clock.

If a Gov't employee clocks out of their job at the State Capitol at 5PM, when they get home, they are not required to abide by the same rules and codes as they were while they were at work earlier that day.


Because they aren't getting paid; they are off the clock; they are not operating through that Title as a Gov't employee while their sitting at home smoking a cigar with a cat in their lap.

When they go back to the State Capitol in the morning and clock back in, they are getting paid to follow those statutes and pay those taxes.

If they work at Burger King part time, the statutes they have to follow at their Gov't job do not apply while they're on the clock at Burger King, and while on the clock at Burger King, they are not obligated to follow the statutes/codes of their Gov't job.

What you think is gov't is nothing but a bankrupt corporation masquerading as a legitimate gov't body. You are entitled to be paid for you time when a foreign corporation asks you to do something for their benefit, like administration of tax forms and other gov't duties.

Your slavery is between your ears; there is no piece of paper or secret treaty on this land mass that compels you to do anything for free, unless you've signed a contract that states otherwise.

What's the One Document the IRS or Federal Gov't could enter into a court case as Exhibit A that would prove you are in some way obligated to abide by their own internal-statutory rules and tax codes; file their paperwork; administrate their affairs AND do it for free - without any payment for you time?