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Off the focus of attention offered.

It is OK by me if you do not want to make this subject current and personal so as to avoid wandering every which way all at once.

History has many versions and as you say, and as I agree, I'm not qualified to know the absolute facts myself, including me not knowing if The Bible is accurate, or less than accurate, in any way, at all, concerning history.

I can offer a viewpoint that intends to make things current, personal, in the here and now, so as to then either help one way or the other, or have my help ignored, rejected, or rendered obsolete in due time.

If, as you say, these baby murders must be, according to God, and we mere mortals have no clue as to the actual reasoning, then so be it. If, on the other hand, babies near me are being murdered by those working for God, just following orders, then my actions may not actually help them do God's good work.