Comment: Look everyone it's Assclown #2; he's back for more!

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Look everyone it's Assclown #2; he's back for more!

You are a slow learner McFly ... LOL

I'll ask you the same question you've been avoiding for two days:

"What's the One Document, either local/state/federal Gov't has in their possession that would contractually obligate-compel-force anyone other than gov't employees and elected officials who ARE getting paid to abide by those statutes and tax codes, to abide by those internal-statutory rules and tax codes, AND do it for free - without pay"?

Your failure to offer up something of value or evidence of the contrary, while continuing to interject your snide remarks ARE the dumbest thing I've seen in two days, and I work in Entrepreneurial America where the pay is MUCH more abundant and I don't have to ask permission to use the restroom.

Answer the question Assclown; the viewing audience is waiting in suspense.