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Denise B, I Believe You Posted A While Back ...

I can't find it but I'm pretty sure you wrote something to the effect that people inherently are afraid to "lose their stuff". It struck me hard because you wrote the truth.

I am reluctant to lose my material possessions, especially since I'm retired and trying to enjoy the fruits of my 40+ years of labor. I have grandchildren and cherish them greatly. I don't want to be locked up (or be killed) and have the government confiscate everything I own because I defied them. But I, as an American and a veteran of military service, cannot allow the federals to continue to restrict our natural rights to live as we wish and foster impoverishment upon those hardworking fellow citizens and their families who deserve better.

Our country prospered because of an abundance of natural resources and an economy based on free market principles that thrived on competition. We trusted our elected officials to do the right thing but they have failed us miserably. The idea of ‘service’ has been perverted into serving themselves not 'We the People'.

The government lies to us everyday. They have debased our currency and driven up the cost of everything. They allowed the off shoring of good paying jobs to foreign lands because of over regulation and taxation. The have defiled the name, "American" by making war on other people for no other reason than to conquer them. They take bribes from lobbyists to stay in power. They have profaned the meaning of justice for all by allowing banks to criminally operate with impunity while punishing the common man for the most trivial offenses such as to possess and grow certain agricultural plants for their own enjoyment. They have created enormous financial debt with no means to repay it other than to "kick the can down the road."

We have to put an and to this and I have to do my part. I’m scared as hell to do it but it has to be done. I love my grandkids and want a better life for them in America, my country.