Comment: Okay, it's been over a month

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Okay, it's been over a month

Okay, it's been over a month now and we still have NO MOTIVE, I'll start there.

No motive...after a month. You've got to be kidding me.

EVERY SINGLE INVESTIGATION begins with, "Why'd they do it?"

And we still don't know why. In fact, we know VERY little about the most important question. Besides a solid motive, the other basic fundamentals of the case are not being talked about.

Still no footage from the video cameras at the school. Why not? All I want to see is Adam Lanza entering the school. Sandy Hook had video surveillance - the killer should be caught on camera, showing his beanpole frame entering the facility wearing a bullet proof vest with multiple weapons on his person.

Still no public recording of the first person to dial 911 from the school. Why not? What is the name of the teacher/school employee who first called the police? He/she should have been on Oprah by now.

Still no explanation as to how Adam Lanza managed to shoot his supposed victims with the, "long weapon," even though the one he had was found unused in the backseat of his mom's car.

Still no reason why Adam Lanza's mother's car was not really her car.

Still no reason why the police were not called after Adam Lanza supposedly shot his own mother, as if the neighbors were deaf to hearing multiple gun shots as they were getting ready for work.

Still no reason why it took so long for law enforcement to arrive with the PD being located so close to the school...all of a five minute drive going the speed limit.

Still no explanation as to how Adam Lanza managed to shoot so many rounds, reload his weapons multiple times, and execute so many victims with multiple shots each - without the police getting there first.

In my most objective opinion...this is a fairytale of epic proportions.

What's the motive? To disarm the American People.

That's the motive.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.