Comment: Thank You for your civility and gratitude.

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Thank You for your civility and gratitude.

I understand your fears; been there myself, as have many others fighting this fight. The only thing they have is fear and lies; deception and obfuscation ... Smoke Screens and Lies, and of course Assclowns and gov't trolls who are paid shills, sent to forums like this to instill fear and doubt into anyone who might be seeking remedy.

Ignore the Assclowns; they have nothing of significance to add; they offer no remedy; they offer no points of view or evidence to the contrary; they are Assclowns, period.

The one thing the establishment fears is a well educated and motivate people who've caught onto their con and are willing to act on it.

If I was to give anyone some sound-solid advice, that would help build up your courage and understanding, I'd say read this post and watch the seminars as I have laid them out, in that order precisely:

The entire system is set up as a Trust from your birth. The courts operate in Trust/Estate/Probate Law; their only real teeth and sword is the Art of Presumption. That is it in a nutshell my friend.

They presume you owe the tax; they presume you are obligated to abide by their own internal statutes, and they presume to have some Magic Fairy Dust they've sprinkled on you that forever ties a chain around your neck.

If you don't rebut their presumptions, those presumptions stand as Law, it's really that simple.

They presume you're liable for an Income Tax, and it's up to you to rebut that presumption and make them prove up their claim.

Either they can, or they cannot.

If they can, you pay the Piper. If they can't, they pound sand.

Watch the seminars; Dean Clifford's information is the cream of the crop; he's spot on with his efforts and understanding; he's spot on with his teachings and practices.

If I tell you that you owe me $200 for mowing your grass via an affidavit, and you fail to rebut my presumption, guess what?

In a court of law, you will owe me $200, because silence is acquiescence, and failure to rebut, means you must agree, and if two parties agree, it is now law.

This is not difficult to learn, but you must put the time in watching the seminars and asking questions in threads like this.

You can do it; we all can do it; some of us are already doing it, and we are going to win this battle, mark my words.

Edit: I would also stay on top of Rod Class' AIB Radio shows. Sometimes he has one or two a week that are live, and sometimes he only does private recordings you can listen to that have been archived. Rod teaches you how to beat them with their own codes and statutes, while Dean teaches you to avoid them altogether because they simply do not apply to you.

It would be well advised to know this information from both ends of the equation, knowing it from both sides of the equation is just that much more ammunition you have in your arsenal to combat this world of presumptions we are living in.

Here's Rod's talkshoe link:

Scroll down the page and you'll see all the archived shows; you can click on the orange listen button and a pop up player will appear.

Here is Dean Clifford's new website; it is in development, so things are being added regularly. If you make a small donation, you will have access to the forums; that is up to you. But his seminars are on this site: