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Comment: Almost no one claims the deaths were fake

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Almost no one claims the deaths were fake

People clearly died. The problem is, all of the "facts" they have given us, do not even make sense. They are completely ridiculous and do not line up at all. A serious investigation is needed.

People will always try to connect the dots and make their "theories" and that's ok, as long as they don't turn into accusations. Because we simply don't have all the facts, any theory we come up with needs to be investigated and if needed debunked just as the government theory has.

So, while you are right, serious -CLAIMS- require serious evidence, we aren't really claiming anything -- except that the government claim does not have the required evidence to make it theoretically possible, let alone likely, and that there needs to be a REAL investigation into some of these inconsistencies. Someone was clearly trying to cover something up! They refuse to address motive in the crime, which is supposed to be the first thing you look at.