Comment: It's funny you should mention this

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It's funny you should mention this

I was thinking today about this incident and the reporting of it and I had a different thought. I was wondering why everyone is so quick to just believe that a classroom full of children died despite the convoluted story and some of the glaring inconsistencies. What happened to the spirit of questioning things that don't add up in order to reach the truth?
It seems like there are just so many things in this whole story that don't make sense, that it's not entirely unreasonable to doubt the validity of the entire event. I pray that no children actually died that day. The more I look at the reporting on this event, the more I wonder why others seem to want children to have died.
This story is full of holes and the "reasonable" thing to do is just accept it as is and deal with the consequences later. I think the reasonable thing to do is say, "wait a second, this doesn't add up?".