Comment: Changed my + vote to a -. Here's why.

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Changed my + vote to a -. Here's why.

We all know that confiscation is preceded by registration.

Do you know what registration is preceeded by? Every time without exception in history?

National ID.

Registering something to a non-uniquely identifiable person or entity does not accomplish the task they want to accomplish which is confiscation.

And what preceeds national id? Databases and data feeds.

So, "conservative" politicians can go on and on about feel good measures like these, but none of these feel good measures actually STOP THE IDENTIFICATION OR REGISTRATION OF OWNERS AND THEIR HARDWARE.

In other words, even if this Texas law were to pass, it might only forestall the confiscation by another month or year or so and then the law will be changed and the confiscation will begin.

In the meantime, however, gun owners will have been made to feel "safe" in that in Texas, yes, go ahead with the retained instachecks and data collection since there wont be confiscation.


But once they have the data, it's over right then. They *WILL* be confiscated, it's just a matter of when on the calendar.