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It takes small steps . . .

to change an outlook built over a lifetime. What is even more difficult than admitting you were wrong, is letting go of what you
used to identify with.

Its interesting - I posted this on some forums (primarily visited by conservative 2nd Amendment supporters) and some of them refused to even look at the video. They had already made their 'minds' up, as to who/what this lady is. Some said "she's just wants to be in the spotlight awhile longer". Again, they hadn't even looked at the video.
I thought, because I used "Obama Phone Lady" in the title of the thread that it might get some attention. Maybe some of the things that AJ said, with supporting evidence - will get through to them.

This lady changed her views, and perhaps some of the conservatives will too - and see though the 'Dem' vs 'Repub' illusion and the criminal scam that they live under.