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Your god and my god? Oh boy.

"My God created the universe and will still be around unchanged after we're gone from this earth. Your god will be gone in twenty to thirty years when standards change."

"Modern standards" being how PEOPLE are expected to act nowaways, since peoples' gods (including your own) are simply their own exalted self, representing what they expect of and from the world, and how the world should be. Everyone thinks god believes and feels as they do. And indeed, if anyone acted in a way consistent with the OT god, you or I would think they're insane. Similarly ten years from now, a god that would ask someone to kill their son to honor him.. or a god that changes his mind as many times as Yahweh has.. would be considered insane. Unless 30 years from now is a post apocalyptic might-makes-right wasteland, this will not change.

My god is me and your god is you. The core difference between us is that you're completely unaware of this fact. You really think you can conceive of the universe's creator in your tiny human mind? And you really think the universal progenitor would be the petty piece of shit that the old testament god is? Yahweh was a tribal god (literally the god of israel)--he has no worth to anyone but the Jews today, even if he was Christ's god and Christ's ideas are worthwhile. Christ is wonderful but why you've chosen to worship the god of a bunch of nomadic desert dwellers several thousand years ago, I'll never know.

I don't need to prove God condoned it any more than I need to prove that god condones any act you or I do. I guess it's worth noting that dropping or touching the ark of the covenant is a much greater crime to the OT god than incest.. he never struck anyone down for mere incest. I suppose Lot's wife looking back on the destruction of the towns was a much greater crime than Lot's own incest! God certainly showed her the what for. "Well, he didn't strike down X when they did Y!" doesn't cut it, sorry man.

I was wrong about the multiple authors thing, thought the Lot / Sodom Gomorrah story was a lot earlier in genesis than it is. There's a known shift in authorship around chapter 11. You can read up on that on your own time; I don't need to have been around several thousand years ago to know that Genesis has multiple sources. Modern bible scholarship acknowledges this.

"That's like saying because God allowed Bill Clinton to cheat on his wife that He condoned that act of adultery."

Not really, since Yahweh "doesn't interfere" in the modern world. We're talking about stories from times when he supposedly did.