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The Apple App You are Talking About

The app you are referring to disables the phone's video and microphone externally. The claimed purpose for it is to have zones set up where those features are automatically disabled, beyond the phone owner's control in order to prevent recording of things such as movies or concerts. It is rediculous.

I think it is more for not recording things such as party conventions, rigged votes....etc. And possibly soon, to prevent recording some of the things that our government might soon be doing, actual video might not fit the "news" spin.

But yeah, I was all about Mac when they first came out. Thought Bill Gates was evil and would only buy mac. It's different now, Apple is not what it used to be, I am leary of all the technology in their phones which takes away privacy for the user, of course am absolutely opposed to the phone having the ability for someone else to control it's features. I use an Android phone for now.