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Comment: Exercise: Let's Presume for a Moment

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Exercise: Let's Presume for a Moment

Here's an exercise that presumes the following:

1. That the coroner was truthfully and correctly stating that the weapon used to kill the first 7 victims he examined WAS A RIFLE.

2. That the coroner was truthfully and correctly stating that the first 7 victims he examined had THREE TO ELEVEN WOUNDS EACH.

What has my brain been yelling at me about the last few days?

"Hey dumb host! Go read your DOD field manual for the M16 and M16A1!!!"

So I did that the other night, and I think I know why...

It's that "THREE TO ELEVEN" basis provided by the coroner. While extra shots and pass-through rounds can be used as an explanation for the higher number - it is also quite possible that the THREE is the basis - THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF SHOTS EACH VICTIM RECEIVED.

A fundamental difference between a civilian issue semi-auto AR spec non-assault rifle and a military issue AR spec assault rifle is the following:

- The civilian issue is semi-auto only, one round per trigger pull.

- The military issue is semi-auto AND auto via a selector.

When the selector is set to "AUTO" on the M16 and M16A1, the result is a 3-ROUND BURST PER SINGLE PULL OF THE TRIGGER.

For an evil perpetrator who is trying to achieve a maximum victim count in a minimum period of time - shooting each victim with 3 trigger pulls each using a civilian issue AR spec rifle is very inefficient as compared to attempting the same goal with a military issue AR spec rifle with the AUTO 3 round burst option.

In other words, I think my subconcious brain has arrived at a distinct possibility that we need to consider:

Perhaps, the actual gun used when fired was not a civilian issue semi-auto AR-15 owned by Adam Lanza's mother, but rather was a military issue auto 3-burst capable rifle provided by a yet to be determined party.

And of course, it would mean that the mother's rifle was a plant...

...and yes, I do find it rather odd that an off-duty special squad officer from another town was present while the shooting was taking place. Chances are, that officer is licensed to carry and use an auto capable military issue assault rifle.

Everyone here is familiar with Fast and Furious, so I'm not going to review it...however here are two questions for everyone to ponder:

"Is it possible that a military issue assault rifle was used for the actual firing of rounds at Sandy Hook?"

"If so is it possible that a Fast and Furious military issue assault rifle made its way all the way to Sandy Hook?"

I for one would love to see a another petition started:

Petition Requesting an Answer to a Hypothetical Question

"President Obama. If it were discovered that the actual rifle used at Sandy Hook was not a semi-auto AR-15 belonging to Mrs. Lanza, but rather a military issue AUTO capable assault rifle AND that rifle were linked to Fast and Furious, would you and Mr. Holder immediately resign your respective offices?"

What do you guys think?


Please pass this on OP...


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