Comment: Brilliant logic

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Brilliant logic

So, let me get this straight: there is Alex Jones, and then there is the state?

And let me get something else straight: if your job and your life involve something other than "counter[ing] the oppressive force that the state has been imposing on us," then you are in no position to critique Jones?

Not everyone can feed their family doing what Alex Jones does. You do realize that, don't you? You realize that Alex Jones runs a profit-driven enterprise? You realize that those folks who have conventional lives can't place "a pair of balls in front of government tyranny" 24/7 "the way Alex Jones does," don't you?

Frankly, the person "sitting on [their] ass" is a more productive asset for liberty than Alex Jones. Let's not conflate DOING SOMETHING LOUD with DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE. That person sitting on their ass (and if they're writing on here, they're doing a bit more than sitting on their ass, by the way), even if they accomplish zero or close to zero, hasn't turned off millions to our ideas. That person sitting on their ass isn't a cancer.

If you have to choose between poison and inaction, I think inaction is a wise move. But go ahead: drink the Kool Aid.