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Comment: You're only going to lose your guns

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You're only going to lose your guns

if you think government can legally or lawfully take them away from you. Know who you are. Are you a government employee or are you one of the people?

This group of shady BAR members pulled off the greatest con of all time! They convinced an entire population they were "the people" when in fact they are UN-PAID government employees!

Take em all away I say - only the people, the military and the sheriffs and their deputies should have guns anyway. Servants should not be armed that's the only way a servant can tell a master what to do. I say we flip the tables on these shysters.

Go ahead and pass some more gun control! I'll help ya'll write up the bills LOL! If you wanna be a public servant... you should be disarmed. That would be a great deterrent to big government - nobody would want to work there!