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Lots of headaches.

1:30 am, time for bed.

Any day now... Any day now... I shall be released.

I love this video. Watch it while you can -- before the greedy copyright trolls get around to taking it down off of Youtube. "It's mine and you can't see it! Not unless you pay me." Hooooweeee, there are some greedy people out there.

Who owns Bob Dylan these days? Sony. (I just checked) They got him when they bought Columbia. Let's see how the Japanese are about protecting their "rights." Let's see if they're smarter from a marketing perspective than American media companies. Everything is marketing. That's how it is in these days of total knowledge: Protect and shape that image.

Sony's hardware division is doing poorly. They were the Apple of their day. The original Sony Walkman? Revolutionary in its day. Everyone wanted one. It inspired countless ripoffs, just like the iPad / iPhone do today. Today it looks so nerdishly geeky.

Sony is a dying giant. They tried to move into media. But they were too early, so their content is the previous OS's version. At that time, our society's previous OS was analog. The current OS is digital. Sony is no longer a pioneer in hardware. They one made premium computers. Now computers are commodities. There are the commodities, and there is the Mac line. Sony sits atop commodities. But their ace in the hole?

The P L A Y S T A T I O N

The play station could allow them to pivot and leapfrog Apple. Apple's pivot was the iTunes. It was with that product/serice, that came coupled with the iPod, that they were no longer strictly a computer company. Good companies have good pivots, that allow them to spring into and innovate new markets. GE is the only original company that is still in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. How many pivots has it had through its carrer? It started out with Thomas Edison and the lightbulb! But it is still around ... moved right on up into jet engines, and the military industrial complex. That is the most reliable source of revenue in this country.

Playstation could be Sony's pivot. It is a huge network. All it needs to be is hooked up properly, and it is a private internet. What Sony needs to do is put more content on the PS Network that appeals to more than just gamers. Why do you think Microsoft followed Sony in so hard with the X-Box. They lost money on it for years. But the point, I realize it to build the network, then own the network.

Like Glenn Beck wants to build that town. And everyone who lives there - he'll own them. He wants to build a Dubai in the US. He won't be able to, because he'll have to Federal pay minium wage. Dubai had no such restrictions. Glenn will have to negotiate for a "tariff free zone," exempt from lots of laws and restrictions. It is the same way China grew its way out of communism: It gave certain areas more economic leeway. When that flourished, it was allowed to spread.

But I digress.

Does anyone here have a Playstation?

My friend told me about a linked network called PS Home that was like Second Life. Second Life was just a flash in the pan (just like AOL was a flash in the pan). But there will be an improvement, just as Facebook is an improvement over AOL. This could be it.

Has anyone here experienced PS Home? Sounds like an interesting land. I'm curious to visit.

Who has both an X-box and a PS? Which do you think is better?