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Well said

I wouldn't go as far as you in characterizing folks who don't want the "social pressure of being called a conspiracy theorist" as "weak minded." I think there are all sorts of reasons, be they ideological, practical, or tactical, that people choose to distance themselves from ideas that could lead them to be "marginalized."

Someone who wants to avoid alienating friends and colleagues, keep a career, earn a living, win an election, etc., isn't necessarily "weak minded."

There is nothing wrong with identifying priorities in your personal quest for justice and making the decision to exclude potential distractions. I want to prevent the horrors of war, so I don't want to be pulled into debates over "suicide mass murder pills" and the pharmaceutical industry. The Jonesians are free to critique me for my tactical decision, but they're usually too busy shouting down anyone who isn't one of them.

But you put it eloquently when you wrote: "Any political party will get nowhere if they have ideas that are considered to be conspiracy theories as they will be easily marginalized."